Paula Menetrey’s acrylic paintings and mixed-media drawings center on the expression of the self in order to gain a better understanding of the human experience as a whole.  She explores the archetypal ideas and images that reside in the collective unconscious through reading the myths of various cultures, and by contemplating her dreams.  Her work combines realistically drawn and painted animals and people with intuitive, organic, non-representational environments.  She is especially interested in understanding the personal meanings of animal encounters in her dreams, and discovering the symbolic messages of animals as spirit guides, protectors, and teachers of humans.

In addition to her expressive artwork, Paula has been painting pet portraits for clients over the past decade.  An avid animal lover and supporter of animal welfare, she also paints portraits of rescued farm animals living at sanctuaries to help them raise needed funds to care for the animals.

Paula has a BA in Art, and she lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and fellow artist Ken Henson, their daughter, and a bunch of cats.